Mellow ManiaMellow Mania album cover

1. Stormy Weather

2. My Foolish Heart

3. Sunshine

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Lee Gibson - Jazz Journal

"What makes a jazz singer? That's like asking what is Art? The answer in both cases is almost impossible to define, yet we know it when we hear or see it! Take these three albums, they are as diverse as the spectrum of jazz itself and yet each in it's own way, is a testament to the finest qualities of jazz singing. I've not come across Liz Fletcher before but again we have yet another interpretive singer with an album which is impressive. Surrounded by wonderful musicians, Tony Coe, Marc Parnell, and, one of my favourite pianists, Robin Aspland, this is another excellent mix of old and new material which manages to capture a 90's feel. As a jazz singer Liz is reminiscent of those wonderful singers of the 50's, yet as the liner notes say she achieves that rare thing of being '...both respectfully traditional and excitingly contemporary'. What makes a jazz singer: Buy these CDs and find out."

AH - Jazzwise

"Possessed of a pleasantly intimate, light voice underpinned by a deceptive degree of tensile strength, Liz Fletcher showcases, in this album, the song writing abilities of Rupert Wates. His meditative lyrics and gently wafting melodies suit Fletcher's dreamy delivery well."