Los Ladrones - Montana RusaLos Ladrones album cover

1. Los Luces

2. Septima

3. Daddy Chocula

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Los Ladrones - Montana Rusa

"While hanging out at the bar of the Montreax Jazz Festival, producer and keyboard player Christopher Bemand (Ballistic Brothers, Marden Hill, 45 Dip, Hed Kandi) and flute player Simon George met up with drummer Isaac Heywood and bassist Hamlet Luton of the famed chillout band Nightmare's on Wax. A love of all things liquid and Latin led to a recording session with percussionist Will Parnell (of the infamous Parnell family whose diverse credits include Spinal Tap and Saturday Night Live from the Palladium.) Then, the talent of jazz vocalist Liz Fletcher was added to the five piece band, and their first single, Las Luces del Norte, was brought into being. As Earth Projects' second release, Las Luces del Norte stormed onto the nu jazz dance scene in October of 2000.